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eHA is taking the next step on May 15th at the ISSA/INTERCLEAN Exhibition in Amsterdam.

On this day eHA is going be officially founded and launched as an international association representing companies from the electric hand dryer industry.


How eHA supports hand dryer companies?

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Facts about electric Handdrying


Numerous independent studies prove that electric hand dryers are hygienic. The air the user breathes is the air that is used to dry his or her hands. Touchless operation, modern antibacterial materials and HEPA filter technology prevent the spread of germs and breathable dust. Several devices are even certificated for use in the food processing industry. In its study, the German federal environmental agency (UBA) declared that hand dryers are hygienically comparable to other hand drying systems, such as paper. The German federal agency for work safety and work medicine (BAuA) has authorized the use of hand dryers in public spaces without any restrictions. By choosing electrical hand dryers, you choose a modern, efficient, environmentally friendly and hygienic solution.


Environmentally friendly

Electric hand dryers are produced according best and up to date ecological standards. Waste production – in comparison to paper or fabric towels – is zero. In addition, the energy use is very low and thus the CO2 emission as well. In 2014 e.g., the German federal environmental agency considered electric hand drying environmentally friendly.


Modern electric hand dryers need less energy per use (starting at circa 150 uses/day). With regard to their whole life cycle, electric hand dryers have a positive energy balance. Only high quality materials that meet current scientific standards are used in assambling electric hand dryers.



During service, electric hand dryers reduce operating costs. Refilling and recycling paper is not necessary and the frequency of room cleaning can decline also. The costs for electricity are far below costs for towels, cleaning and waste disposal.

About us

Together we make electric Handdrying the leading system!

Companies supporting the new alliance »electric Handdryer Association – eHA« are representing an efficient and sustainable market. Modern products in the air-based handdrying business are characterized by attributes such as environmantal friendly, efficient and economically attractive.

Life cycle analyses have demonstrated that energy efficient electric hand dryers use less energy and fewer natural resources to dry hands than paper towels. In addition, replacing paper towels with a hand dryer reduces solid waste going to landfills, which reduces disposal and maintenance costs.

Our industry has lots of potential, we need to focus on that while semitaneously challenging the critical arguments from the paper world. As long as nobody reflects the communicational input from the tissue industry things can be described wrong without facing consequences.

Therefore this initiative has been founded. You are interested in participating or you want more information? Please subscribe our frequent news or contact us at the given data.

or less for dry, clean and hygienic hands
of bacteria removed by modern HEPA-filter
Trees a day can be saved
tons of discarded paper towels a year

The creation of the eHA was absolutely necessary because our industry of electric hand dryers has suffered from false theories and oriented studies of some people determined to stop the breakthrough of  jet air solutions. Continuing to use paper towels that consume many trees in unreasonable volumes is not really a good thing for our planet and is very far from the overall goal of preserving it. As a specialist in the development and production of electric hand dryers for 34 years, JVD is very proud to participate in the eHA association.

Thierry Launois, Managing Director

As a member of eHA Youngsan wants to create positive industry awareness on electric handdryers. As producers we are looking for energy saving and CO2 reduction compared to paper towels. We want to create sustainable and “true” information on the use of such products. Our motto “moving towards the future”

Marco Mamoli, Youngsan Handels GmbH

As a member of eHA DAN DRYER wants to expand and support initiatives that focus on research and arguments in favour of electric hand dryers being a better choice than paper towels. It is our goal that our common understanding will result in actions to spread knowledge of this aspect. Every step taken away from paper will help protect and save the environment.

Susanne Friis Eden, Managing Director

As a member of eHa, FFUUSS wants to contribute to the development and spread of what we believe is the future of washroom handdrying; hygienic, environmental and cost reasons, will, in time, have their say in our favour. Electric Handdryers, in all their forms, contribute to a greener planet, paper towels are the perfect metaphor of a throw-away and wasteful society.

Victor Guasch, Sales Manager EU

Starmix has joined eHA because our whole industry has to communicate that electric handdryers are a hygienic, ecological and sustainable alternative to paper and fabric towel. With an united effort we can create a wider acceptance and a growing market for all of us!

Johannes Behrens, ELECTROSTAR GmbH – Head of Sanitary Division

We are happy to support eHA building up a powerful organisation that helps electric hand drying becoming the leading system when it comes to hand hygiene. Electric hand drying is hygienic, efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly. These characteristics are most convincing!

Udo Sonnenberg, Managing Director

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