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Second stakeholder consultation meeting at DG Grow

The aim of the preparatory study is to analyse the hand dryers product group for the creation of EU sustainable product measures namely Ecodesign and Energy Labelling. The study will investigate the potential for the environmental improvement of hand dryers, including aspects relevant to the circular economy. During this process, there were forseen two stakeholder consultations. The first took place in January this year.

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Green Taxonomy

The European Commission is currently finalising a proposal – to be published by the end of 2019 – for a so-called „Green taxonomy“. Once developed, the taxonomy will be used by national and EU regulators to shape the requirements regarding financial products traded as “green”. Actors of financial markets will use the taxonomy to disclose how the environmental sustainability of investment was defined. To qualify as green, investments will need to contribute substantively to at least one of the six EU environmental objectives and will need to fulfill a catalogue of requirements.

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