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4 Tips to Reduce Maintenance Costs in a Public Toilet

Airports, shopping centers, hotels, museums, office buildings, nursing homes, health centers, administrative buildings, schools, universities or hospitals: the list of places that can have public or semi-public toilets is practically endless. All these bathrooms have a common denominator: a high frequency of users and, therefore, intensive use. This means, economically, incurring really high maintenance costs. Have a look, what our partner Mediclinics advices.

When we talk about maintenance costs within public or semi-public toilets, we are referring to the costs of cleaning, disinfection, replacement of consumables, repair of equipment, management of the waste generated, etc. Therefore, and given the facts, the key question that immediately comes to mind is: how can we reduce maintenance costs in a public or semi-public bathroom while maintaining optimal hygiene and quality standards at all times?

Our partner Mediclinics, S.A., are specialists in the design, manufacture and marketing of electric hand dryers and bathroom accessories for collectivities. Their article on how to reduce maintenance costs in a public toilet helps all those responsible for the management and maintenance of public or semi-public toilets to save money in maintenance.

Mediclinics urges to follow these four tips:

  • TIP Nº 1: to use automatic equipment and element
  • TIP Nº 2: to use energy-efficient electric hand dryers instead of paper
  • TIP Nº 3: to use electric hand dryers with brushless motors
  • TIP Nº  4: to use equipment and elements that facilitate installation and maintenance and are of the highest quality

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