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Latest Best Restroom

Everyone hates using dirty public toilets and that’s why we started our ‘Best Restroom Map’ - to find and share clean and sustainable public restrooms all over the world.
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History and Present of electric Hand Dryer – ECJ-Special 09/22

eHA members were asked to contribute to the special edition of ECJ (European Cleaning Journal) on the evolution of electric hand dryers. A broad picture has been painted by the editors. Fact is, electric hand dryers set standards when it comes to topics like energy efficiency – through its whole life-cycle – hygiene, carbon foodprint (low emissions), low waste, and clean and tidy public restrooms.

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How Electric Hand Dryers Help to Improve Restaurant Hygiene

The bathrooms in any restaurant are vital for promoting hygiene and, at the same time, building customer loyalty. All the little touches that personalize them and make them more aesthetically pleasing and more functional but which also make them more hygienic, clean and tidy, will be beneficial for the opinions of users in general and critics in particular.
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