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eHA PRESS RELEASE: New Study from University of Arizona | Researchers Find Hand Dryers and Paper Towels to Be Equally Hygienic

Tucson (Arizona)/Brussels September 2020 – Health organizations worldwide agree that proper handwashing and drying can prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Now, renowned researchers at the University of Arizona have concluded that there is “no data to support any human health claims relative to hand dryers versus paper towel use.” Their scoping review, Comparison of Electric Hand Dryers and Paper Towels for Hand Hygiene: A Critical Review of the Literature, was recently published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology.

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European Commission’s annual energy efficiency report

EU energy consumption fell in 2018, having been on the rise from 2014 to 2017, but a considerable acceleration in this reduction is needed if the 2020 target for energy efficiency is to be achieved. The report confirms that under normal circumstances [i.e. without COVID-19], it is unlikely that the EU would have met its 2020 target. This will remain an issue, when energy demand recovers after the crisis, with a view on achieving the 2030 energy efficiency targets.

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Microbiologist report: Hand dryers do not spread Covid-19

Leading microbiologist Dr. David Webber concludes that the use of hand dryers in the washroom does not contribute to the spread of Covid 19 and that warm air hand dryers are safe to use during the current pandemic. The virus is spread by droplet transmission and contact with contaminated surfaces. To reduce the risk of infection in the washroom, guidance from the WHO states that hands must be washed thoroughly using soap and hot water and then dried using either a paper towel or a hand dryer.

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eHA PRESS RELEASE: Hand Hygiene during the Corona Crisis


Berlin/Bruxelles/Overseas 24 March 2020 – In the light of Covid-19, better known as the Corona Virus, the electric Hand Dryer Association (eHA) highly recommends the best and most intensive hand hygiene routine as possible. Wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. Then dry them thoroughly too – but don`t use your cloths!

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