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Clean Hands is Everyone’s Business

With the pandemic the importance of washing our hands in the right way got to the focus of all our attention. But did you know drying hands completely is also a part of hand hygiene? And no, “wiping hands on pants” doesn’t count. In little more than a month, this year`s  UN-Global Hand Hygiene Day takes place (5 May).

As our member World Dryer pointed out in a recent article: As tempting as it might be to walk out with damp or half-dried hands – health experts don’t recommend it. You could be undoing all the good you just did with washing. 

Health experts recommend hand dryer use

The US Center for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) updated guidelines recommend thoroughly drying hands with clean towels or hand dryers to reduce germ transference. The best way to dry your hands is with an electric hand dryer.  Paper towel dispensers frequently run out or, worse, become a breeding ground for bacteria growth.

The new guidance is useful to facility managers and public members who will interact with hand dryers. You can use the Life is Better with Clean Hands campaign’s fact sheets, posters, and other downloadable materials to further promote hand sanitation.

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