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Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Preparatory Study on Hand Dryers (GROW Lot 12) | Final Report

Over two years, eHA among others accompanied this study. We publish some deductive quotes out of the final report: “The data gathered for this preparatory study indicates that there is not a simple relation between the price of products and their performance in terms of energy use.”

“All of the proposed policy scenarios should contribute towards creating energy, emissions and cost savings in the long-term by removing poorer-performing products from the market. While the model assumes that these products are merely substituted by similar products (i.e. more efficient dryers within the same price range), manufacturers have argued that the proposed measures could decrease the sales of hand dryers, if some technology transfer occurs, and i.e., if instead some consumers chose to buy cheaper purchase price alternatives (e.g. paper towels).”

Harmonising Standards

“In order for the proposed policy measures to be successfully implemented there is a need for a harmonised testing standard for measuring the energy consumption of a hand dryer in order to achieve a remaining moisture content target (0.25g) over a defined period of time. Consequently, it is recommended that the European Commission issue a mandate to the European Standards Organisations, in order to expedite the delivery of this harmonised testing standard(s).”

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