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During service, electric hand dryers reduce operating costs. Refilling and recycling paper is not necessary and rooms can be cleaned less frequently. The cost for electricity is far lower than the cost for towels, cleaning, and waste disposal.

Reduce operating costs

Electric handdryers help you reduce operating costs. Paper towel dispensers no longer need to be refilled and trash cans can be emptied less regularly, as they do not fill up as quickly.

Furthermore, electricity far cheaper than the ongoing costs for towels, cleaning, and waste disposal.

Great ROI

Since the running costs are so low, there is not much more to it than the initial investment in getting an electric handdryer. With low operating cists that also means that the return on investment (ROI) is great. In just 8 months a handdryer can pay for itself. That means that for the entire rest of its life-span you are saving money.

Overall Savings

When calculating the total costs saved, this leads to handdryers being up to a whopping 95% cheaper than paper towels!

eHa-Members offer Savings Calculators to provide detailed information about costs and savings:

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