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eHA PRESS RELEASE: Intelligent Hand Dryers Joins eHA as Special Partner as the Association Goes from Strength-to-Strength

In recent months, hygienic hands have been heavily associated with staying healthy during the global COVID-19 pandemic and electric hand drying has been recommend by WHO as one of the most effective and safe ways to complete the hand washing process. The electric Handrying Association’s (eHA), which is made up of hand drying firms across the globe, is not only committed to promoting good hand hygiene, but also fighting false information on the internet – and now the growing organization is pleased to announce a new special partner, UK-based Intelligent Facility Solutions, an international supply of energy-efficient hand-dryers.

Andy Cameron, Managing Partner of Intelligent Facility Solutions, comments on the special partnership and the challenge the industry faces:

“I am delighted to be joining the electric Handdryer Association. For so long, the multi-billion euro paper towel industry has been using its power to attack hand dryers which are safe, effective and a far more environmentally friendly option. The hand dryer industry must unite to hit back at the PR-lead, dubious science and misinformation put out by the paper towel industry and promote its own positive messages, and the eHA is perfectly placed to galvanise innovation and achieve important environmental objectives.”

Statement from Udo Sonnenberg, Managing Director from eHA:

“We are happy to welcome Intelligent Facility Solutions and its agile founder, Andy Cameron, on board. It’s important the electric hand drying industry helps to educate the public and commercial industries on the truth when it comes to hand drying and we have built a web-site which breaks down fact from fiction. I am optimistic that, with sources of information such as this and the combined effort of the eHA, that electric hand drying in the long run will become the leading, sustainable hand drying system.”

About Intelligent Facility Solutions

Intelligent Facility solutions is the fastest growing supplier of electric hand dryers in Europe. Its strength comes from providing clear and factual guidance about product performance and which models most suit specific locations. The company helps customers understand the value of different products relative to their needs and holding huge stocks and having unparalleled buying capacity, means not only customers receive great support, but will also enjoy excellent value for money with UK-nationwide network of installers facilitating quick and easy transition to hand dryers.

The environment is the company`s key driver. It is IS014001 accredited, Carbon Trust approved and committed to a huge tree planting program in the UK and Amazon. It has over 30,000 customers from Universities and Schools to Stadiums, Office buildings, Hospitals, Manufacturing, Retail and Hospitality. Iconic sights include Tower of London, Oxford and Cambridge University, Premier league football clubs, Bluewater Shopping Centre, Santander, NatWest and RBS banks, to name a few.

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