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EU Commission Designated 2019 – 2024

On 10 September, Commission President-elect Ursula von der Leyen has introduced her new team of commissioners. She tryed to balance out experience, poltical backgrounds, age, gender and last but not least, each member state needs a commissioner – size doesn`t matter. The org chart already indicates what becomes important: The New Green Deal will be addressed by Executive Vice President Frans Timmermans (Netherlands). Margrethe Vestager (Denmark) will also represent an important portfolio: Making Europe Fit for Digital Age.

A third Excecutive Vice President will be Valdis Dombrovskis from Letvia. His portfolio is “An Economy that Works for People”. In addition to this three new EVP there are further five Vice Presidents – six respectively if Johannes Hahn, responsible for the budget, is also counted as such. With regard to environmental and energy issues this commission designated will also become important for eHA activities. All Information about the new team you`ll find here:


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