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8 Key factors for choosing the best hand dryer

Our partner Mediclinics describes the 8 key factors for choosing the best hand dryer:

  1. SPEED

Continuing with the automotive simile, if what you like is speed, and you are looking for a hand dryer that is going to be placed in a high traffic location (restaurant, hotel, waiting room, airport, train station, service area, etc.), we recommend one that can do it in an average time of approximately 8 to 10 seconds. But beware! Speed not at any price. Please take note of the following point.


Due to events that are taking place worldwide, these two words, “Energy Efficiency”, are nowadays more fashionable than ever. And just as we said in the previous point, the performance of a hand dryer should not be at the expense of its energy efficiency. We know you are as concerned about this as we are, and that is why we recommend an eco-fast hand dryer with a very low power consumption of between 1.8-4.2 w/h per drying cycle, enabling you to save 80% compared to more traditional hand dryers.



Another word that has been and is on everyone’s lips, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, is “Hygiene“. Most users and customers today demand automatic hand dryers that guarantee an excellent level of hygiene and healthhand dryers that are capable of eliminating the actions of viruses and bacteria. Some of these features include a HEPA filter medium, Ion Hygienic technology (ionizers) and a Biocote antibacterial additive.



Energy efficiency is not the only aspect of a hand dryer that will save you money. You also have to take into account (especially if they are hand dryers that are going to be placed in high traffic locations) the maintenance costs that they may incur. It has been demonstrated that an eco-fast hand dryer, besides having an excellent performance and very low electrical consumption, guarantees great savings in maintenance time and costs, since it ensures a clean environment, without pools of water or paper (cleaning times are reduced) and a reduced need for repair and replacement of parts due to its excellent durability and performance over time.


Sometimes, whether for your company or for your customers, as well as these 4 components, aesthetics are also important. Thus not only are the hand dryer’s excellent functionality and performance important, but it also has to confer an extra degree of aesthetic appeal for your next design project or for the refurbishment of a communal bathroom. If, in addition to amply fulfilling the function of a hand dryer with a modern and elegant design, it is multifunctional, as it also functions as a water tap and an automatic soap dispenser, that essentially gives you everything you need!



If you have limited space for your next bathroom project or you need to renovate or design an inclusive bathroom space (for the elderly or people with disabilities), you have to take into account the measurements of the hand dryer. All equipment (not only hand dryers) must meet certain requirements regarding space and location in the bathroom. In the case of hand dryers, we recommend that you select a model that can offer you excellent performance and that also complies perfectly with ADA regulations (US). ADA dictates that any wall-mounted object (such as a hand dryer) cannot protrude more than 10 cm from the wall. By doing so, we will contribute to achieving a comfortable and safe bathroom space for all users.



Shhhhhhhh! Can you imagine the noise of a fan motor or a hand dryer at full power inside a library or a theatre? Honestly? This is an aspect to be taken into account if you are going to install hand dryers in places where noise levels and silence are fundamental criteria to be respected. For this purpose, we recommend hand dryers that, with a sound pressure of only 57 decibels, offer good performance and the minimum silence level required for the room.


Are you someone who thinks that years ago all electrical machines were made better than they are today because they had greater strengthperformance and durability? Do you consider yourself a person with a rather classic and romantic style? Is one of your favourite phrases “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? If you answered yes to all three questions, this is definitely an aspect to consider when choosing your hand dryer. We recommend a hand dryer that is compactsturdyreliabledurable and with long-lasting motors that provide powerful airflow.

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