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eHA cleaning up false facts about electric handdrying

Does electric hand drying spread bacteria? Many false facts like this circle around because of  questionable reports produced by paper towel and cotton roll towel manufacturers.

We clean them up in our video!

wrong fact #1: electric handdrying spreads bacteria to the air.

The truth is:

  • modern HEPA filters used in new generation hand dryer capture 99.9% of bacteria from the air used to dry hands
  • Independent studies by universities and leading institutes conclude…
  • “The very low numbers of airborne microbes that were generated by each of these hand drying methods would make an insignificant contribution to the overall background microbial loading of the air (…)”, p. 17 Laboratory Report, Campden BRI
  • “(…) the likelihood of contaminating one’s hands after washing with soap and water is less if the restroom had forced air hand dryers versus a restroom with paper dispensers (…) utilities commonly used by the public (e.g., hospitals, schools, universities, day care centers, gyms and fitness centers, department stores, restaurants, airports, and airlines) [should] seriously consider a transition away from paper in restrooms to touch-less hand drying technologies” p. 20 Hospital Epidemiologist, Division of Infectious Diseases, College of Medicine, University of Florida

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