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New EU Regulation on Energy Efficiency

New EU regulation on energy efficiency labels starting on 1st August 2017

EU prescribes new energy efficiency classes for electrical and household appliances. The first step will be a rework on the labeling of washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, TV-Systems and lightning systems. A changeover from the A+++ labeling to the A-G labeling, starting from 2020 in the shops, gives more clearness to customers about appliances energy consumption.

The German Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks said: „As a costumer I do not want to perceive how much energy an appliance consumes after the electricity bill. Therefore the energy consumption of household appliances must be clearly identifiable. The already known A-G labels are more effective for this. The saved energy also contributes to climate protection!“

The new directive affects advertising for electrical appliances as well, because a stronger visibility oft the products efficiency scale will be mandatory. Further a product database including all marked products will be created, which will make it easier to compare the appliances according to their energy efficiency.

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