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The European Green Deal

Commission President-elect Ursula von der Leyen promised to deliver a European Green Deal in her first 100 days, including a continent-wide “Climate Law” to enshrine the goal of climate neutrality by 2050 into law, in order to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. Her plan is not only quite ambitious and urgent at the same time, but it also has the potential to grow the EU’s economy in the long run. The hand dryer market will benefit from new investments in innovation and research as well as from an update of EU’s industrial policy.

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EU Commission Designated 2019 – 2024

On 10 September, Commission President-elect Ursula von der Leyen has introduced her new team of commissioners. She tryed to balance out experience, poltical backgrounds, age, gender and last but not least, each member state needs a commissioner – size doesn`t matter. The org chart already indicates what becomes important: The New Green Deal will be addressed by Executive Vice President Frans Timmermans (Netherlands). Margrethe Vestager (Denmark) will also represent an important portfolio: Making Europe Fit for Digital Age.

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Implementation of the Circular Economy Action Plan

The European Commission continously pushes the Circular Economy. In 2016 an Action Plan was adopeted. It has been fully completed in early 2019.  The work will continue beyond 2019. In the long run, CE is also important for the electric hand drying business. Threrefore, we will update this topic frequently to also bring in eHA-know-how wherever necessary.

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2nd Stakeholder Meeting Brussels in November

By conducting the preparatory study with regard to electric hand drying within the eco design framework, there were two stakeholder consultation meetings scheduled by ICF. The purpose of the meetings is to share draft reports and analysis and to collect feedback from stakeholders directly. Please register for the meeting on the 20th of November:

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Everyone hates using dirty public toilets! That’s why we started our ‘Best Restroom Map’.

Find & share clean and sustainable public restrooms all over the world.

There are already many good examples of how public restrooms should look to please customers and providers at the same time.

Help us to motivate more providers to improve their toilets!


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Together, we Make electric Hand Drying the Leading System!

Companies, supporting the global alliance »electric Handdryer Association – eHA« are representing an efficient and sustainable market. Modern products in the air-based hand drying business are characterized by being environmentally friendly, hygienic, efficient, and economically attractive.

Life cycle analyses have demonstrated that energy efficient electric hand dryers use less energy and fewer natural resources to dry hands than paper towels. In addition, replacing paper towels with a hand dryer reduces solid waste going to landfills, which reduces disposal and maintenance costs.

Our industry has lots of potential. We need to focus on that while simultaneously challenging the critical arguments made by the paper world. As long as nobody reflects on the communicational input from the tissue industry, things can be described the wrong way without consequences.

Therefore this initiative has been founded. You are interested in participating or you want more information? Please subscribe to our newsletter or get in touch using the button below.

or less for dry, clean and hygienic hands
of bacteria removed by modern HEPA-filter
Trees a day can be saved
tons of discarded paper towels a year
Executive Members

As a member of eHa, FFUUSS wants to contribute to the development and spread of what we believe is the future of washroom handdrying; hygienic, environmental and cost reasons, will, in time, have their say in our favour. Electric Handdryers, in all their forms, contribute to a greener planet, paper towels are the perfect metaphor of a throw-away and wasteful society.

Victor Guasch, Sales Manager EU

Starmix has joined eHA because our whole industry has to communicate that electric handdryers are a hygienic, ecological and sustainable alternative to paper and fabric towel. With an united effort we can create a wider acceptance and a growing market for all of us!

Johannes Behrens, ELECTROSTAR GmbH – Head of Sanitary Division

Excel Dryer is pleased to join with other reputable hand dryer manufacturers of the electric Handdryer Association to promote the benefits of electric hand dryers, including the advantages of being the most environmentally friendly, economical and hygienic way to dry one’s hands. Our association will speak with a single voice while providing objective scientific studies and other helpful information to the concerned public, specifiers and governments to affect better decision making and to regulate the industry.

Denis Gagnon, Jr.
Vice President – International

Hokwang joined the eHA to further deliver the value of electric hand dryer – an environmentally friendly, hygienic and economic way of drying hands. The current market is full of misleading information and faulty researches, we consider an association could unite all professional hand dryer manufacturers together to increase the awareness of sustainability to our market.

Lily Hsu, PA to President

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