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What Policymakers Must Learn About Electric Hand Drying

What policymakers must learn about electric hand drying

Concerning the EU’s current Ecodesign Directive Policy Analyst Ryan Khurana writes at Comment Central, a UK based opinion website, about electric hand drying that “Policymakers interested in enacting science-based policy must first learn how to read scientific literature and understand scientific methodology.”

He says, that in the case of the Ecodesign Directive and electric hand dryers “asking the wrong questions has led to baffling policy conclusions” and that “a policy intended to reduce environmental waste and improve public health may end up doing just the opposite”.

His conclusion is, that “the preparatory study for the directive came to some pretty damning conclusions about the impact of hand dryers, comparing them negatively to paper towels in terms of hygiene, and making odd claims about the incentives to produce energy efficient hand drying technologies. The study researched some of the literature surrounding the effects of electric hand dryers, but off the bat excluded any research into the effects of paper towels, presenting clear bias for one of the products they intended to compare.”

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