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Campaign About Benefits Of electric Handdryers

There are many benefits which make electric handdryers a great choice for your hand hygiene. They are environmentally friendly, energy efficient, economic, hygienic and they make it simple to keep bathrooms clean and tidy. Yet, there continues to be much misinformation about these topics. With our social media campaign we want to spread awareness of how electric handdryers can have a positive impact on the environment, bathroom hygiene and quality as well as fiscal calculations.

Environmentally friendly

Electric handdryers are more environmentally friendly than paper towels. They have a smaller carbon footprint, are sustainable and produce less waste. Additionally, the long life-period allows them to have a positive lifecycle energy balance.

This is why we are so keen on spreading this message:
“Hand Dryers Protect the Environment and the Climate!”

Protecting the planet

On the first glance many people may question the assertion that electric handdryers are more environmentally friendly than paper towels. After all paper towels are biodegradable right? Well, when considering all aspects of their production it quickly becomes apparent, why handdryers are in fact more sustainable.

Did you know that for one ton of paper towels:
–  17 trees are chopped down
–  3 tons of CO2 are produced
–  20,000 gallons of water are used

Over just one year this results in 254 million tons of waste ending up in landfills, taking away habitat for humans and animals alike.


Electric handdryers are hygienic. Numerous independent studies have proven this, as well as it is supported by pure logic: the air you breathe is also the air used to dry your hands.
In fact, the air used to dry your hands can even be cleaner than the air around you. With modern HEPA filter technology and antibacterial materials germs and dust are filtered out of the air that is then used to dry your hands. Furthermore, the sensor functionality allows you to dry your hands without touching anything, thereby reducing the risk of cross-infection.
Handdryers are so safe and hygienic that several devices are even certified to be used in the food processing industry.

Safe: even during COVID-19

The pandemic has put new emphasis on hand hygiene, a test which handdryers passed with flying colors. Renowned institutions such as Johns Hopkins, the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention all stated that electric handdryers are NOT spreading the virus.


During service, electric handdryers reduce operating costs. They run automatically and require minimal maintenance. This saves on time and costs of ordering new paper towels and refilling them continuously. The costs for electricity are far below costs for towels, cleaning, and waste disposal. When calculating the total costs saved, this leads to handdryers being up to a whopping 95% cheaper than paper towels!

A worthy investment

Switching from paper towels to an electric handdryer may seem daunting at first due to the initial investment. But when crunching the numbers it all becomes quite simple: in only 8 months a handdryer can pay for itself. Therefore, the ROI (return on investment) is very high for electric handdryers, making them beneficial for any type of business.

Energy efficient

Electric handdryers are very energy efficient. They have continuously been developed to operate more efficiently. Nowadays you can dry your hands with only 1kW of energy or even less! New generation handdryers use up to 80% less energy that some of its predecessors. Overall, electric handdryers have a positive energy balance.

Bathroom quality

Electric handdryers can drastically improve the quality of bathrooms. After all, what is more annoying than overflowing trash cans or having paper stuck to your shoe? It is easy to keep restrooms clean and tidy with electric handdryers.

Members can view the analysis of the social media campaign through the link provided in the newsletter.

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