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Public Restroom Design is worth the Hype

Do you know a business that takes pride in their public potties? Who thinks restrooms are the black holes of public spaces any longer might be suprised about how much efforts extended the last time. Best example is the rapid change in handdryers design, from functional boxes with a fan inside in the 90’s, to high end designed appliances harmoniously completing interiour and comfort today. While a few years ago, before inflationary use of social media flood all spheres of our daily lifes, no wider audience was interested in this appropriated unpopular places, these days providers and clients communicate and evaluate more than ever  (some rumor all changed with the mirror selfie). Maybe the fact, that nobody wants to talk about his poo-business led to the conclusion that nobody wants to talk about the experience on restrooms neither.

This assumption definitely failed. Especially in public hygiene and comfort issues, customers demands increased. Right because the restroom is an intimate place, where people leave and turn, without commenting where they have been, it has a hidden value. Providers can proof with the restroom’s quality how much they esteem their clients. With a highly designed, well interiored and clean restroom, you can generate approval and sympathy along your visitors. To be honest, using public restrooms is never comfortable, but you can make it less unpleasant as possible. Your clients will honor it! Offices, counters and shops can be glamorous and beautiful, but nobody is willing to turn into a place where he fears the bathroom.

Now, companys and public operators start increasingly to care about their public restrooms. A good indicator is the rising number of public restroom competitions. Cintas is looking for restrooms worth visiting, even without being in a need. DesignCurial focuses on toilets around the world which impress by their craftmanship in architecture and design. The Loo of the Year Awards have more than 60 categories. Public restrooms become increasingly important for a companies signature and image. In a nutshell: Make public restrooms great again!

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