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World Dryer Corporation new eHA-Member

With beginning of January 2019, eHA has a new regular member: World Dryer Corporation. Here is what Susan Fan, Director, Operations and Supply Chain says about World Dryer:

“We advance our products for our customers and their patrons. We’re not about innovating for innovation sake or aim to be first for the bragging rights. There will always be another way to improve the user experience and maximize the restroom space. We’ve solved those scenarios in the past (quieter, faster dry time, ergonomic design, ADA compliant and hygienic). We know we’ll do it again and outsmart our previous solutions. Our vision becomes a reality once it’s in arm’s reach for you and your users.”

Welcome World Dryer to our association. eHA will further take action in talking to political institutions such as the European Union to strengthen the electric hand drying and to make it the leading system.

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