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5 Things to Know About the Hand Dryer Dilemma

“World Dryer” from Berkeley, Illinois, USA – one of our eHA members – published a piece on how to approach the dilemma for many companies with the promising title “should my facility offer paper towels or hand dryers?”.

Alejandra Edwards-Garcia, Marketing Analyst at “World Dryer”, describes the difficult decision facility manager must take while overseeing the operations of a restroom facility because restrooms largely impact both the expenses and the satisfaction rates of a building.

The author picks up on solving the dilemma by finding answers to the top five hand drying concerns and the reason why they are false:

  1. Hand Dryers are anti-hygienic
  2. Hand Dryers Don’t dry Hands Effectively
  3. Hand Dryers Are more Expensive than Paper Towels
  4. Hand Dryers Are Difficult to Install and Maintain
  5. Hand Dryers Aren’t Worth Making the Switch

Alejandra concludes with the following statement: “Give visitors what they want: sanitation, while your facility saves money and earns LEED credits.” (US Green Building Council USGBC)

Read the full article here.

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