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Calculators Predict Cost Savings Of Hand Dryers VS. Paper Towels

Installing electric hand dryers in your facilities restrooms offers you many advantages. Besides high hygienic standards for customers and easier daily maintenance by your stuff, eco-friendliness and massive cost savings are the major benefits convincing building managers all over the world to choose hand dryer systems instead of paper towel dispensers. Manufacturers offer detailed savings calculators, that allow you to estimate economic advantages for your own business in numbers.

Hand dryer technology is highly complex and different models offer different solutions.  Depending on costumer types, usage and traffic of your facilities, various types of hand dryers might be on your shortlist. Savings Calculators will support your decision making. Factors are:

  • Usage level of your restrooms
  • Cases of paper towels used per year or number of paper towel dispensers in your facility
  • Cost of paper towels case
  • Cost for electricity
  • Electric hand dryer model you choose
  • Hand dryer working power
  • Monthly working days

Almost all eHa-Members offer Savings Calculators to provide detailed information about costs and savings. World Dryer, Starmix, Airdri and Mediclinics point on monthly/yearly cost savings, return on investment, and model comparisons. Excel Dryer predicts also the annual climate change benefit.

For example, facilities with medium usage level (250/day) can save around 3000$/year while achieving return on investment after already 10 month.


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