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Great Results For Our Partner DAN DRYER in 2021

DAN DRYER was one of the first manufacturers of hand dryers on the market and has since become known as a leading brand in the field of toilet equipment. Today, almost everyone knows the little DAN DRYER Viking from public toilets around the world.

The new LOKI product range from DAN DRYER appeared at the end of 2021, and has been winning over one international design jury after another since its market launch. One of the prestigious prizes was GOOD DESIGN.

GOOD DESIGN is officially synonymous with the world’s leading and best modern design, making it the most coveted international stamp of design excellence. In 2021, thousands of designers and visionary companies from more than 55 countries participated in the competition. After an intensive evaluation, the jury selected the best designed products based on the design quality of the products. Only the best of the best designs were awarded prizes. 

“When we received the news that both the LOKI Hand Dryer and the LOKI Disinfection Stand were awarded the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, we were very happy about the recognition,” says Managing Director Susanne Eden, and goes on to say, “LOKI had an exceptional year in 2021 with more awards. For us, this confirms that we are on the right track with our strategy and design approach – we are very proud of that. It’s nice to see that hard work pays off.” 

We are very happy to have such strong and successful members in the electric Handdryer Association. Read more here.

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