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Starmix Hand Dryer For All-Round Protection Against Viruses

Hygiene, sustainability and efficiency are very important drivers today when it comes to developing the next generation of warm air hand dryers. Reason enough for our member ELECTROSTAR/starmix to come up with another new product in the anniversary year of its 100th anniversary. The new TC-BL HEPA hand dryer has a four-stage cleaning principle so that only absolutely clean air reaches the hands.

ELECTROSTAR/starmix is a piece of German industrial history that continues with great success in the 21st century. The industrious Swabians have been manufacturing vacuum cleaners since 1921 and invented the hot-air hand dryer four years later. Today, under the starmix brand, the company develops, produces and sells a wide range of powerful vacuum cleaners for trade, commerce and industry worldwide. From the starmix sanitary business field, modern warm air and high-speed hand and hair dryers as well as an extensive hospitality product range complete the portfolio.

The new hand dryer is not only the healthiest way to dry hands, it is also highly efficient and sustainable. Calculated over the year, it only costs around 14 euros in energy. Unlike with paper towels, only one gram of CO2 emissions is produced per use. This makes the hot-air hand dryer particularly sustainable, and the purchase pays for itself after six to eight months with an average frequency of use. It also eliminates the need for trash cans overflowing with wipes and constant refilling. Despite the low energy consumption, the motor runs at a remarkable 320 watts. This combines performance, sustainability and hygiene in one.

Read more about the qualities of the new TC-BL HEPA hand dryer here.

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