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Cost Savings: Hand Dryer VS. Paper Towels

The yearly financial and environmental cost of paper towels can be alarming. By using a cost savings calculator from one of our members, you can gauge an estimated annual savings when comparing hand dryers vs. paper towels cost.

By selecting your current paper towel usage, you can calculate your annual cost savings and an estimated timeframe in which you can expect a return on your investment should you choose to switch to a hand dryer. Lastly, the calculations will provide you with an estimated annual climate change benefit.

Calculate how much money you could save by replacing your current hand dryers or paper towel dispensers with the saving calculators from our members:

Starmix, efficiency calculator
Excel Dryer, cost saving calculator
World Dryer, savings calculator
Airdi, running cost calculator
Dan Dryer, savings calculator
Mediclinics, savings calculator
Saniflow Corporation, savings calculator

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