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New Headquarters for DAN DRYER

DanDryer, eHA-Member and a company specializing in the design, development, and production of washroom equipment for public toilet facilities, moved into its new headquarters on December 15, 2023. The new headquarters, located in Randers, Denmark, symbolizes the culmination of the company’s growth and evolution over the years. Having outgrown its previous facilities, the new HQ provides DanDryer with more modern administration and production spaces, including a brand-new showroom. The construction of this new facility was carried out by Randers Arkitekten ApS and HpH Totalbyg A/S.

Design, functionality, and quality for washrooms

DanDryer is renowned for its iconic hand dryers, particularly the classic white model featuring the Danish Viking logo, a familiar sight in commercial washrooms worldwide. Since its foundation in the early 1980s, DanDryer has continually reinvented its product range, becoming one of the most innovative suppliers in the washroom equipment industry. This innovation extends to a broad spectrum of products, including hand dryers, toilet roll holders, paper towel dispensers, baby changing stations, soap and disinfection dispensers, hand sanitising stations, waste and sanitary bins, and various accessories.

The company’s focus on quality, functionality, and design has been a significant driver of its success. In 2015, under the leadership of Managing Director Susanne Eden, DanDryer began emphasizing product design and trendsetting in commercial toilet facility environments. This strategic shift led to a strong design partnership with the Danish design duo VE2 and the launch of the innovative BJÖRK product line, which received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.

Success with responsibility

Additionally, DanDryer’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability is evident in its operations. The company actively focuses on creating a diverse working environment and contributing positively to the community and the environment, both locally and internationally. This commitment was recognized when DanDryer was awarded Randers Municipality’s Business Award in January 2023, a testament to its positive impact in terms of growth, profits, turnover, employment, marketing, and community involvement.

Overall, DanDryer’s move to its new headquarters marks a significant milestone in its history, reflecting its growth and ongoing commitment to innovation, design excellence, and corporate responsibility in the electric hand drying business. eHA wishes further success and all the best for the years to come!

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