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Paper Towels with questionable Background

The colleagues from Intelligent Hand Dryers – namely Andrew Cameron – have collected again interesting facts with regard to the use of paper towels for drying hands in public places. We also present these facts collected in fall 2018 while saying thank you for enabling us to also share the seven facts. Did you know, e.g. that used paper towels cannot be recycled?That is fact no. one. Other facts are perhaps not as popular:

1. Paper Towels cannot be recycled
2. Decomposing paper hand towels contribute to global warming
3. The average paper towel generates 7.5gms/CO2 or 22.5 gms/CO2 per dry.
4. Paper Towels are one of the biggest causes of blocked drains
5. An empty paper towel dispenser is the biggest risk to hygiene
6. Paper towels cost on average 95% more than hand dryers
7. There are hygiene concerns over paper towels

Read the full article on Intelligent Hand

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