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Why You Have to Pick Up A Calculator to Dry Your Hands in A Public Bathroom

Mediclinis calculates in their latest blog post the savings you have when you switch from paper towels to a hand dryer.

The numbers make it clear that hand drying with a new generation electric hand dryer is much more cost-effective than using paper (€36.27/month with an electric hand dryer compared to €360/month for paper). It is also worth noting that the investment for the purchase of the hand dryer is quickly amortised: in less than a month.

New generation hand dryers are much more economical than using paper to dry hands.

The next question that our head Facility Manager asks is: Which of the two methods for hand drying is more environmentally friendly and more sustainable? Bearing in mind that the paper industry is the third most polluting industry on the planet, the question appears easy to answer. We will not cover this debate right now in this post, but it will be the subject of the next article on our blog. So don’t forget to keep up with the questions that our Facility Manager, Juan Yuste, is asking.

Read the full article here.

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