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Interview With eHA Founding Member Victor Guasch, Sales Manager EU of ffuuss

Interview series with eHA founding members
1. Interview With eHA Founding Member Victor Guasch, Sales Manager EU of ffuuss
2. Interview With eHA Founding Member Thierry Launois, Managing Director of JVD
3. Interview With eHA Founding Member ELECTROSTAR
4. Interview With eHA Founding Member Susanne Friis Eden, Managing Director of DAN DRYER

Hand Dryer Industry Is Building A Worldwide Association

Victor Guasch, Sales Manager EU of ffuuss
Victor Guasch, Sales Manager EU of ffuuss

During the last years there has been a lot of discussion whether electric hand drying is hygienic or not. Myths and various stories are being told on TV, in newspapers, magazines and on the web while the technology is on the rise. More and more public facilities, shopping center, restaurants, gyms and stores installed them at their toilets. Companies from the electric hand dryer industry now got together building a worldwide association, called the electric Handdryer Association (eHA). In this series of interviews eHA founding members talk about their plans and why electric hand drying will be the system of the future.

Question: You and your company are about to found the electric hand dryer association together with other big players from the hand dryer industry. What is your motivation?

Victor Guasch: Our motivation is to promote the use of a hand drying system that is not only cost effective and ecological, but also efficient in its use. Further to that, there is also a strong motivation to counterbalance the very strong and unfair campaign promoted by the paper tissue lobby.

Question: Is there any visible trend in your main sales market or country where the use of electric hand dryers has raised? Which sectors are offering the strongest growth prospects?

Victor Guasch: We are approaching all relevant sectors where a dryer can be used, needless to say a dryer can be installed at every location where there is a public toilet, and this results in an interesting market. Also, a hand dryer is an electric/electronic devise that offer numerous opportunities to transform bathroom usage. We also think that there are numerous small businesses in the HORECA sector that are currently spending large sums every month on paper, often without really knowing their expense. They have to be aware of alternatives.

Question: There are allegations that electric hand dryers are not hygienic? What do you say about it?

Victor Guasch: The allegations are based on studies which should be carefully looked at. Without going into controversy, one should realize that studies can be biased or sometimes totally skewed.

Question: Your message is: Electric hand drying is the system of the future. Why?

Victor Guasch: Because there are strong ecological reasons, because there are strong economic reasons, and because there are no real reasons to support the claims of the anti-hygienic nature that certain sectors are making.

You want to know more about the electric Handdryer Association and how to become a member? Contact us by or phone +49 30 20 21 58 04.

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