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eHA PRESS RELEASE: Position Paper on Coronavirus and Electric Hand Dryers in Public Washrooms

Whilst the world experiences the global COVID-19 pandemic, it is good to see improved hygiene standards being implemented in public buildings, and that hand dryers are contributing to fulfil these standards in an efficient and sustainable manner.

The electric Handdryer Association’s position paper demonstrates its continued commitment to hygiene, sustainability and efficiency in the face of the ongoing pandemic, and explains how hand dryers are not only key in the fight against coronavirus, but also for long-term economic business survival and sustainability.

Hand Dryers = Hand Hygiene

In recent years, particularly in recent months since the emergence of COVID-19, alarmist rumours about hygiene and the use of hand dryers have been circulated, leading to misinformation and confusion. However, several in-depth, independent studies over the last 30 years have shown that no single drying system (paper towels or electric hand dryers) is more hygienic than another.

Independent and Reliable Sources

Milagros Garde, Chair of the eHA Lobbying Committee and Export Area Manager Central and Eastern Europe, Skandinavia at Mediclinics, S.A comments: “In the face of the COVID-19-crisis, the CDC, the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and scientists at Johns Hopkins University have all categorically confirmed and gone on record to say that hand dryers do not spread the Coronavirus. The World Health Organisation has even given a clear message in its recommendations to combat the coronavirus by stating ‘once your hands are washed, you should dry them thoroughly using paper towels or a warm air dryer’.”

Together with hygiene, the protection of the environment is a priority for our industry, and electric hand dryers form part of a global solution for energy efficient and environmentally friendly products, as opposed to non-sustainable and single-use options.


About eHA:

Companies supporting the alliance »electric Handdryer Association – eHA« are representing an efficient, sustainable and innovative market. Modern products in the air-based hand drying business are characterized by being environmentally friendly, efficient, and economically attractive. Together we make electric hand drying the leading system!

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